29 Feb 2016

SwiftLocation – CoreLocation Made Easy, 100% Swift



https://travis-ci.org/daniele%20margutti/SwiftLocation http://cocoapods.org/pods/SwiftLocationhttp://cocoapods.org/pods/SwiftLocation http://cocoapods.org/pods/SwiftLocation

What’s SwiftLocation?

SwiftLocation is a simple 100% Swift wrapper around CoreLocation. Use Location services has never been easier and you can do it with your favourite language. Let me show the best features of the library:

  • Auto-managed Hardware services (heading/location/monitor services are turned off when not used)
  • Reverse geocoding services (from address/coordinates to location placemark) using both Apple own CoreLocation services or external Google Location APIs
  • Fast and low-powered IP based device’s location discovery
  • Single shot location discovery method (with desidered accuracy level) to get current user location with a simple closure as respond
  • Continous location update methods to get both detailed locations or only significant data only.
  • Region monitor with a single line of code
  • iBeacon proximity monitor with a single line of code
  • Fixed user position simulation

Future Improvements

I’m looking for your suggestions: feel free to leave your pool request or feature request. BTW I plan to introduce a GPX simulation engine soon as I can in order to get a realistic simulation of location events.


GitHub: https://github.com/malcommac/SwiftLocation

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