08 Mar 2017

Swift-VIPER-Module – Xcode template for VIPER Architecture written in Swift 3

When you decide to use VIPER architecture in your project, it is very tired create new modules, because you need create at least 5 files for each. Imagine that you need to create 6 modules…I was suffering this problem, and this is the raison why I’ve created this template. It’s very useful for me and I hope that for you too.

How to install

Using script (easy)

Only need execute this command in terminal:

sudo swift install.swift

You should be this output message:

If all it’s ok you now could find your template in Xcode.


Go to Application folder, browse to the Xcode application icon. Right-click it and choose ‘Show Package Contents’. Then browse to: Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Library/Xcode/Templates/Project Templates/iOS/Application and add “Module VIPER.xctemplate” file. Now you can find your template in Xcode.

Easy to use


Generated code

This template generates all files that you need to create a new VIPER module. All generated code is Swift 3.

This is an example, we’re creating a Login module:


//MARK: Wireframe -
protocol LoginWireframeProtocol: class {

//MARK: Presenter -
protocol LoginPresenterProtocol: class {


//MARK: Interactor -
protocol LoginInteractorProtocol: class {

  var presenter: LoginPresenterProtocol?  { get set }

//MARK: View -
protocol LoginViewProtocol: class {

  var presenter: LoginPresenterProtocol?  { get set }


class LoginInteractor: LoginInteractorProtocol {

    weak var presenter: LoginPresenterProtocol?


class LoginPresenter: LoginPresenterProtocol {

    weak private var view: LoginViewProtocol?
    private let interactor: LoginInteractorProtocol
    private let router: LoginWireframeProtocol

    init(interface: LoginViewProtocol, interactor: LoginInteractorProtocol, router: LoginWireframeProtocol) {
        self.view = interface
        self.interactor = interactor
        self.router = router

        self.interactor.presenter = self


class LoginRouter: LoginWireframeProtocol {



class LoginViewController: UIViewController, LoginViewProtocol {

    var presenter: LoginPresenterProtocol?

    override func viewDidLoad() {

VIPER diagram overview



After using VIPER, I’ve found it to be very beneficial in many ways. Let’s get back to the list of things we set out to accomplish when architecting our app to see if VIPER addresses them.

  • Easy to iterate on
  • Collaboration friendly
  • Separated out concerns
  • Spec-ability

Next steps

  •  Create bash script to install more easy
  •  Create groups in template (Only available for Project templates)



This is an open source project, so feel free to contribute. How?

  • Open an issue.
  • Send feedback via email.
  • Propose your own fixes, suggestions and open a pull request with the changes.


  • Juanpe Catalán 🐦

Source: https://github.com/Juanpe/Swift-VIPER-Module

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