14 Oct 2017

PullToBounce – Animated “Pull To Refresh” Library for UIScrollView

Platform Language License CocoaPods

Animated “Pull To Refresh” Library for UIScrollView.

You can add animated “pull to refresh” action to your UIScrollView, UITableView and UICollectionView.

Inspired by https://dribbble.com/shots/1797373-Pull-Down-To-Refresh

Objective-C version is here.

Xamarin.iOS version is here.


Demo GIF Animation

You can play demo at appetize.io.


You can install this to your project via CocoaPods.

pod 'PullToBounce'


Please Wrap your scroll view

// Please wrap your scroll view
tableView.frame = yourFrame
let tableViewWrapper = PullToBounceWrapper(scrollView: tableView)

// Please add wrapper view to your view instead of your scroll view.

The frame of wrapper will be same as your scrollView.

And the color will be same as your scrollView’s background color.

Event Handler

tableViewWrapper.didPullToRefresh = {
    didFinishYourLoading() {

Custom Animation

Default arguments of “init” of PullToBounceWrapper

  scrollView: UIScrollView, // this is the only required argument
  bounceDuration: CFTimeInterval = 0.8,
  ballSize:CGFloat = 36,
  ballMoveTimingFunc: CAMediaTimingFunction = CAMediaTimingFunction(controlPoints:0.49,0.13,0.29,1.61),
  moveUpDuration: CFTimeInterval = 0.25,
  pullDistance: CGFloat = 96,
  bendDistance: CGFloat = 40,
  didPullToRefresh: (()->())? = nil

You can use these arguments to customize animation.


Source: https://github.com/entotsu/PullToBounce

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