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    CTPanoramaView is a high-performance library that uses SceneKit to display complete spherical or cylindrical panoramas with touch or motion based controls. Requirements iOS 8.0+ Xcode 8.0+ Swift 3.0+ CTPanoramaView can be used both from Objective-C and Swift code. Installation Using Carthage To install CTPanoramaView using Carthage,

Sharaku    Usage How to present SHViewController let imageToBeFiltered = UIImage(named: "targetImage") let vc = SHViewController(image: imageToBeFiltered) vc.delegate = self self.present(vc, animated:true, completion: nil) SHViewControllerDelegate methods extension ViewController: SHViewControllerDelegate { func shViewControllerImageDidFilter(image: UIImage) { // Filtered image will be returned here.