Requirements iOS 8.0+ Xcode 7.2 Installation Just add CircleMenuLib folder to your project. or use CocoaPods with Podfile: pod 'CircleMenu', '~> 0.0.5' Usage with storyboard 1) Create a new UIButton inheriting from CircleMenu 2) Add images for Normal and Selected state 3) Use delegate method to configure buttons func circleMenu(circleMenu: CircleMenu, willDisplay button: CircleMenuButton, atIndex:

A lightweight flyover side menu component for iOS with the UIDynamic's bouncing animation, UIGestures and UIBlurEffect. Allows you to use native UINavigationController's logic to manage view controllers. The component is written in Swift. Requirements Xcode 6.3 or higher iOS 8 or higher Installation CocoaPods The recommended way for installating ENSwiftSideMenu is via the CocoaPods package manager platform