AppIcon generates *.appiconset contains each resolution image for iOS. AppIcon.appiconset ├── Contents.json ├── AppIcon-20.0x20.0@2x.png ├── AppIcon-20.0x20.0@3x.png ├── AppIcon-29.0x29.0@2x.png ├── AppIcon-29.0x29.0@3x.png ├── AppIcon-40.0x40.0@2x.png ├── AppIcon-40.0x40.0@3x.png ├── AppIcon-60.0x60.0@2x.png └── AppIcon-60.0x60.0@3x.png Demo Installation Homebrew $ brew install Nonchalant/appicon/appicon Manual Clone the master branch of the repository, then run make install. $ git clone $

     A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists. Main Features 🙅 Never call performBatchUpdates(_:, completion:) or reloadData() again 🏠 Better architecture with reusable cells and components 🔠 Create collections with multiple data types 🔑 Decoupled diffing algorithm ✅ Fully unit tested 🔍 Customize your diffing behavior for your models 📱 Simply UICollectionView at its core 🚀 Extendable API 🐦 Written in Objective-C with full Swift