CenteredCollectionView is a lightweight drop in place UICollectionViewFlowLayout that pages and keeps its cells centered, resulting in the "carousel effect" 🎡 To try the example using Cocoapods: pod try CenteredCollectionView Usage 🛠 let centeredCollectionViewFlowLayout = CenteredCollectionViewFlowLayout() let collectionView: UICollectionView override init(nibName nibNameOrNil: String?, bundle nibBundleOrNil: Bundle?) { collectionView = UICollectionView(centeredCollectionViewFlowLayout: centeredCollectionViewFlowLayout) super.init(nibName:

      ★★ Star Flow to help the project! ★★ Support the project. Donate now. Created by Daniele Margutti (@danielemargutti) Flow is a Swift lightweight library which help you to better manage content in UITableViews. It's easy and fast, perfectly fits the type-safe nature of Swift. Say goodbye to UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate : just declare

ChainPageCollectionView A custom View with two level chained collection views and fancy transition animation. Demo   Requirements iOS 9.0+ Xcode 8 Installation CocoaPods Update your Podfile to include the following: pod 'ChainPageCollectionView', '~> 1.0' Run pod install. NOTE: If you can not find the pod target. Please follow: to build your pod

       EFMarkdown is a lightweight Markdown library in Swift, based on EFCMark, inspired by markdown and Markoff. 中文介绍 Overview sample1 sample2 sample3 sample4 Example To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. Requirements Version Needs 0.x XCode 8.0+ Swift 3.0+ iOS 8.0+ 4.x XCode 9.0+ Swift 4.0+ iOS 8.0+ Installation EFMarkdown is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add