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AppIcon generates *.appiconset contains each resolution image for iOS. AppIcon.appiconset ├── Contents.json ├── AppIcon-20.0x20.0@2x.png ├── AppIcon-20.0x20.0@3x.png ├── AppIcon-29.0x29.0@2x.png ├── AppIcon-29.0x29.0@3x.png ├── AppIcon-40.0x40.0@2x.png ├── AppIcon-40.0x40.0@3x.png ├── AppIcon-60.0x60.0@2x.png └── AppIcon-60.0x60.0@3x.png Demo Installation Homebrew $ brew install Nonchalant/appicon/appicon Manual Clone the master branch of the repository, then run make install. $ git clone $